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Learn HX tools & methods from seasoned experts - our coaches are current heads of HX & HX Transformation & leading organizational practitioners in Design Thinking, Service Design, Analytics, UX/UI, Digital HX, Hybrid Work, Scrum, Agile, etc.

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The New Human Experience of Work

What makes the Human Experience of Work Great?

What is the HX Playbook and Toolkit?

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We’ve worked with a lot of consultancies who don’t understand what it’s like to work in organizations with all our politics and resistance. Your coaches listen and have the best examples & ideas I’ve heard.”

“I loved how Elliott & the HXWize team handled the group dynamic. It was just amazing. We really had the very right proportion of theory, providing examples, group activities, plenary interactions. It was so close to perfect.”

“It definitely was time well spent. On a scale of 1 to 10 it would be an 11. I really liked not only the concepts that Elliott & HXWize brought, but also the energy and engagement, sharing ideas, insights, learning from colleagues’ experiences and also the feedback.”

Our Value Proposition: Skills x Experience = Success

Accelerating your journey to HR 3.0

The companies outpacing all others in profit, growth & innovation are re-inventing HR. Central to that transformation are new skills around Human-centered design, data-driven decision-making and agile practices.

Our mission is to help you build these new capabilities and new mindset across your HR teams — enabling you to transform your organization as you help all functions learn this way of working. We invite you to explore the role that all your people can play.

How our offerings help you build organizational HX capabilities

Community of HX Leaders
Join our Network - Become part of the HX Leaders Network - learn & share with other HX Leaders around the world & grow in expertise. Learn more
Community of HX Coaches
Become An HX Coach - We train key people in your organization as HX Coaches to coach your transformation to HR 3.0 & sustainably build key mindset & capabilities across your organization. Learn more
Community of HX Practitioners
HXWize Certifications - Teach your entire organization about their part in building & supporting HX, with relevant skills & mindset. Learn more
HX Design Projects - Our seasoned coaches work alongside your people (with all that learning!) as they apply, test & develop HX tools to co-create new experiences & journeys. Learn more
Community of HX Champions
Start as an HX Champion - an immersion Bootcamp to quickly build foundational knowledge of HX tools, language, references in the HX Playbook & Toolkit, also as a basis for further skills e.g. certifications or coaching.
Option 1: Digital Fast Track to start your HX Certification & Coaching – Learn more
Option 2: A guided bootcamp just for your organization – Learn more

What is Employee Experience?

Employee Experience, now known as the Human Experience of Work, uses Analytics and frameworks like Human-Centered Design (Design Thinking, Service Design etc.), and Agile Product Teams to deliver better journeys e.g. Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance and Career Development. But HX goes way beyond these into every aspect of how we work.

Top HX companies now build HX capabilities across functions in their organization. Transforming mindset and way of working is also key.

Organizations that create better experiences for their people have more success with customers. People want to work for companies that listen and design new ways of working.

Why join HXWize

Learn from the best

We have assembled an experienced Faculty-Coaches who know how to apply HX tools & methods (HCD, Analytics & Agile, etc.) inside organizations. They know what works and how to engage leaders of business and HR. They can coach and teach you from their experience.

Our HX Coaches »

Learn on your own schedule

Subscribe and design your own curriculum. Earn badges as you acquire content knowledge in a self-paced learning environment. Get certifications as you join live cohorts and get coaching from our teams of experts on development of your plans and how to apply in your organization.

A treasure trove of content

We’re gathering the world’s largest content library on Everything HX – tools, facilitation guides, case studies, methodologies, tips & recommendations – that would take you months to find. All designed for business application. Check back frequently to find the newest resources & tips for use.

We bring you experienced Faculty-Coaches to help you co-create great new experiences!

We offer a mix of self-paced learning with relevant cases & practical examples plus live Coaching from seasoned Experts.

Coaching for Certification

  • We offer programs tailored for all the roles in your Team
  • To receive certification for your role, join one of our live learning modules
  • Develop and get coaching on your project plans from our Faculty-Coaches – current leaders who know the challenges of working inside organizations
  • Learn relevant HX tools & how to engage stakeholders, sponsors, colleagues, etc.
  • Share and learn live from peers from other organizations

People Analytics - Intro Video

What you will learn in the People Analtyics Course

People Analytics & The Business

For My Role

What I need to know for my role + how to use the Playbook.

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Deeper capability in tools & methods for specific applications in the HX Playbook.


Intro & case studies for everyone to the HX Playbook & Toolkit.